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Hello,...welcome to my new music cd and video project „CAPTURE“.

Music and pictures that spark your imagination with the question: do we have a future and what will become of our dreams?

More information about the projekt, ...check out the „capture“ facebook site:


Seeing the world through the eyes of a child and what does the future hold in store? Carried by piano and guitar sounds, you will remember dreams in the album “Capture”, dreams that you might have had last as a child. It is not only about beautiful pictures and instrumental music, but I want to relate stories. The music videos will tell some of these stories. Maybe you will experience feelings such as fear, hope, melancholy and love once more after a long time. It is my hope that you will question your feelings and that this will move you towards a new view of the world.


“Capture” is a work that is to trigger reflection and inspiration. The work as a teacher with children at schools and experiencing the daily development of the world in which we live, gave me the impetus for writing the music for the album “Capture”. With the help of many dear people, musician colleagues and friends, the start of the production has already been successful. I am musically supported mainly by guitarist “FIGO”


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